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Hydromassage relaxation

We are the first and only manufacturer to offer our Freestanding Baths with both Air & Water jet combination. Let the powerful water jets soothe your back, while the effervescent air bubble gently relax your entire body. Our Freestanding baths comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and options, so you are sure to find the bath of your dreams.

Hydromassage with clean design

Our ultra-clean plumbing on our jetted whirlpool tubs is the newest in technology. With features to keep your bath at it’s cleanest level, you can be sure our exclusive ultra clean will keep your bath mold and mildew free with only a wipe down – no more deep scrubbing. You want to relax in your bath, not spend hours cleaning it.

Hydrotherapy tubs for Beauty & Spa

Hydromassage Products is the only tubs manufacturer to offer a Stay Hot bath experience. Our Air Platinum series offer a stay hot water temperature, set to your liking, for superior hydrotherapy. Fatigue, stress, aches and pains – make them all a thing of the past thanks to the ultimate in relaxation.

Hydromassage for Wonderful feeling

Our environmentally friendly eco bond green foam insulation helps our Hydromassage baths stay warm and quiet. The eco bond green foam insulation helps keep the water hot for up to 30 minutes, while reducing energy costs and consumption by maintaining water temperature without the use of electric or natural gas heat sources.